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2019 Rules of Golf

Articles 19 to 21 of the 2019 – Rules of Golf Draft Blog Series

Changes to the rules regarding Maximum Score, Outside Agency & the Teeing Ground

Articles 19 to 21 we look at the impact of the 2019 Rules of Golf proposed changes on the 3 topics. Maximum Score, Outside Agency & the Teeing Ground. We have grouped these articles because they are only small snippets of change.

Article 19 – “Maximum Score”


The of Articles 19 to 21 is Maximum Score. There will be a new stroke play form in the 2019-Rules of Golf: “Maximum Score”.
In “Maximum Score” you cannot have a score higher than a certain score. This score will
be decided by the golf club; it could be “double of the par of the hole” or “8” or “10”

As in “normal” stroke play you must initially find your score on the hole, including penalty
strokes. BUT, the player then cannot have a score higher on the hole than the maximum
score – not even if the actual taken strokes (including penalty strokes) exceeds this.
Thus, if a player gets a score lower than the maximum score, this lower score is of course
his score for the hole.

If you don’t hole out on a certain hole, you simply record the maximum score.
To help a faster game, the players are encouraged to pick up the ball, when they reach
the maximum score.


Article 20 – “Outside Agency”


The quite difficult term ”outside agency” is changed in the proposed 2019-Rules of Golf
and will at that time be called ”outside influence”.
Not the biggest change!
An outside influence could e.g. be a dog or a spectator, and the current Rules (and the
new Rules) states, that if a ball is moved by such an influence, the ball must be replaced
without penalty.


Article 21 – “The teeing ground”


There is a small change in the Rules about teeing grounds, namely about the size of it.
Under the current rules, the area is defined as two club lenghts perpendicular from the
straight line between the outer side of each of the two teeing markers.
This “two club lenghts” will be changed to 80 inches.
Since many clubs are 40-50 inches (putters the only being allowed to be more than 48
inches), the change is very small :-).

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