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Article 16 of 31 about the 2019-Rules of Golf draft:

“The flagstick”

This is part 16 (of 31) in a series of blogs about some of the proposed changes to the
Rules of Golf effective as of January 1st 2019. Focusing on the flagstick


In the current rules of the golf, where the flagstick is involved you can bet a penalty is too!

In the following two situations, you are penalized under the current Rules of Golf, but you
will no longer be penalized under the 2019-Rules:

1. If your ball is on the Putting Green and you putt with the flagstick in the hole, and
hole the putt. This should be a time to celebrate, but sadly you’ll incur a penalty so until March 1st make sure you take the flagstick out.

2. If the flagstick is attended and you hole the putt (no matter whether your ball lay on
the Putting Green or outside the Putting Green). This gets you thinking, maybe it is best to get close and claim a gimme.

Fear not though!

The 2019 rules of golf draft changes all of this. You won’t have to worry about these penalties anymore if the proposed changes are accepted.

Less penalties is always good news for us golfers, so the flagstick need not be feared any longer!

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