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Golf World Directory: Where it all began

Golf World Directory is the updated online version of a successful Corporate and Society Golf book that was published in conjunction with Peter Alliss in the 1990s.

Incorporating golf courses across the UK, Ireland and popular areas of Europe the book was published and held in clubhouses across Europe and used by golfers, societies and corporate groups to find and plan their golf trips.

Specifically, in the 1990’s it was important for societies to know where they would be welcome and how to get in contact with these clubs.

As society golf has grown there are numbers of societies around the world formed by school friends, work colleagues, neighbours and the list goes on . . . for fun and competitive golf.

Many things have changed since the original publications.

Now in 2017 Golf World Directory brings you the bigger and better golf course guide. With the largest course directory of its kind, featuring over 25,000 golf clubs, many of which contain more than one course.

Having grown to a worldwide database Golf World Directory is looking to help Golf Courses establish their online presence in an ever-evolving and competitive industry.

Ultimate Golf Course Directory

How Do we plan to help you?

It’s simple!

Each golf club in our directory has been given a Basic listing. Here we have provided the first line of your address, the number of holes at the club and a link (where available) to your website.

With an easy to use search function, our users can search and find courses relevant to what they are looking for and the more information available about your golf course, the more attractive and easy to find you become in our directory.

Go Premium – £25 for the whole of 2018 and get December 2017 free if you sign-up before 30th November

Upgrading to a Premium listing adds additional functionality allowing you to include photographs, add an introduction, detailed course information, green fees, history of the club, links to your pro shop and more.

This is how to make the most of your listing!

And as we continue to grow our online community, we send golfers, societies and corporate groups to our directory where they can directly visit your site to book directly with you!

To make sure you are staying current you simply sign up for a Premium listing at just £25 for 12 months!

Want to be at the forefront of our website?

Sign up for a Featured package for just £50 for 12 months, and you’ll be on our homepage and listed at the top of the directory for your search, not to mention being included in our weekly newsletter!

What are you waiting for?

Upgrade today!

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