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Chigwell Golf Club Vlog Review Part 1

By The Golf Volution (Lloyd Greenaway) & Golf World Directory (Robert Green)

Welcome to the first ever Vlog Review by Golf World Directory & The Golf Volution.
We all know there are stunning golf courses out there and together we are on a mission to show you exactly how great these courses are and from an amateurs point of view.
It’s great to see how the course should be played . . . but let’s face it, we all like to take an adventure and get in amongst the sand and trees.

No doubt we will be trying our best and hopefully showing you some great shots, but we want to highlight what is great about the course and what might prove to be a challenge along the way.


Chigwell Golf Club Vlog Review Part 1

First of all on behalf of Golf World Directory & The Golf Volution we would like to thank Chigwell Golf Club for their hospitality on the day. All of the members were very friendly and welcoming and the staff could not have been more helpful.
It is a stunning course, set amongst breathtaking houses that have their gardens open out on to the course. This was a very enjoyable day and we recommend anybody who has the chance to visit Chigwell Golf Club.


Hole 1

A tough hole to start your round on. A long par 4 measuring 467 Yard from the white (S.I. 5). There are bunkers to the right within range from the back tees, a central bunker you think you’ll be able to reach but it is a fair distance, so you’ll need to be a big hitter to worry about it. Otherwise once you’re up there you have the Driving Range to the left and Bunkers either side of the Green. If you’re straight you shouldn’t have much trouble – a good warm up before you start will be key here!

Hole 2

After the tough start you’ll be pleased to know the second is a Par 3. 186 yards from the white (S.I. 9). This is a slightly deceiving hole as from the tee, you’ll see 3 bunkers, one either side and one in front. You actually have a fair amount of space behind the first bunker before the green, so if you’re straight and clear that bunker you shouldn’t have any problems. Go left, right or long and you’ll need a quality flop shot as The Caveman demonstrates in the Vlog!

Hole 3

You’ve been tested by a Par 4 & Par 3, so let’s complete the group. The 3rd Hole is a Par5 measuring 470 yards from the white. The observant amongst you will notice that is only 3 yards further than the first hole (told you the first was a tough start!). The third is a nice hole. You have trees to the left & right and it dog legs to the right slightly so favourable to those who play a fade. Some bunkers along the tree line on the right, followed by some central bunkers mid-fairway, but these shouldn’t cause too much trouble.
Watch out for the water hazard on the left side after the bunkers, it isn’t easy to notice. All in all if you can keep it to the fairway you will be fine, but flirt with the edges and you’ll find yourself in some tough spots.

Hole 4

Score Index 1 (377 yard Par 4) this is considered the hardest hole on the course. When first approaching the tee you’re aware that the Fairway runs downhill left to right, but otherwise it doesn’t seem to tricky.
In the summer in particular you can be confident to go far left and find your ball still making its way down toward the right of the fairway. Those with a Draw will love this hole – really emphasise that shape! Those with a fade be very careful! Too much swaz and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the hill without a shot for the green – aim left and let nature do its thing!
Once you get to the green you’ll find it heavily protected by some nasty bunkers. If you manage to avoid those, then be aware that the green sloped back towards the fairway and weight of putt is critical.

Hole 5

Hole 5, Par 5 . . 477 Yards.  One of our favourite holes of the day this offers a spectacular view from the tee. One large bunker sat centrally with a Green in the distance you can not see. There is a pole to gauge your line. This hole continues on from the hill of the 4th but now you’re facing the downhill right to left.
Keep it straight and this is the perfect hole to be scoring some points. (S.I. 11)

Hole 6

We finish part one on a Par 3. Just 136 yards, score index 17 this is a relatively straight forward hole. Pin position can make it tougher with a bunker placed front left of the green. Go long and you’re having to play a flop shot again, but short and you’ll likely be safe!


A picture paints a thousand words – just imagine what a Video can do!!!!

Now you have read some of the tips from part 1 have a look at the Vlog Review by The Caveman below.

Credits to Lloyd Greenaway and The Golf Volution Youtube Channel.
Social media: @LloydiGolf

Thank you to Chigwell Golf Club for their hospitality on the day! A great course and great members.

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