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Chigwell Golf Club Vlog Review Part 2

By The Golf Volution (Lloyd Greenaway) & Golf World Directory (Robert Green)

Welcome to the first ever Vlog Review by Golf World Directory & The Golf Volution.
We all know there are stunning golf courses out there and together we are on a mission to show you exactly how great these courses are and from an amateurs point of view.
It’s great to see how the course should be played . . . but let’s face it, we all like to take an adventure and get in amongst the sand and trees.

No doubt we will be trying our best and hopefully showing you some great shots, but we want to highlight what is great about the course and what might prove to be a challenge along the way.


Chigwell Golf Club Vlog Review Part 2

First of all on behalf of Golf World Directory & The Golf Volution we would like to thank Chigwell Golf Club for their hospitality on the day. All of the members were very friendly and welcoming and the staff could not have been more helpful.
It is a stunning course, set amongst breathtaking houses that have their gardens open out on to the course. This was a very enjoyable day and we recommend anybody who has the chance to visit Chigwell Golf Club.


Hole 7

Hole 7 is a great hole. From the tee you have a narrow opening to squeeze your shot through. Trees overhanging on the left and right, it is a tough outlook. Once you get beyond the trees this hole opens up nicely. Straight down the middle is still the aim of the game but Slightly left won’t cause too much harm. If you have a tendency to fade off to the right then you should be fine but your second shot likely won’t have an easy route to the green. You’ll have to decide if its worth the risk or if you’ll play safe.
The more risk the more fun in our eyes!
S.I.3 / 366 Yard par-4.

Hole 8

This hole is a sharp dog-leg to the right. From the tee you won’t be able to see the green, but you will notice the hedge just in front of you. Now is definitely not the time to play a stinger! If you find yourself anywhere down the right side of this hole you’ll have a tough second shot as the green will still be out of sight and you’ll have a large tree to deal with. The aim from the tee is a small hut you’ll see in the distance on the left. If you are anywhere in line with this or near the large tree on the left you’ll have a nice 100-150 yard shot into the green and you’re in the money for a birdie.
S.I.13 / 309 Yard Par-4

Hole 9

From the whites you’ll find yourself driving the ball over the 8th green. Those on the tee of the 9th will have priority over anybody playing into the 8th green, so this is something to know before your round. A nice open fairway you have a lot of room on the right. Go left and there are 2 bunkers in play, thick and horrible rough and people’s gardens. Note; you’re not allowed to go into any gardens to collect your balls so try not to go left. The tease of walking down the fairway and seeing lost golf balls sitting in the middle of gardens lets you feel the pain of those who have played before you.

If your tee shot is safe the rest of the hole shouldn’t prove too tough. A bunker short of the front of the green and one either side could be in play but once on the green you’ll find there isn’t much movement. Aim for the hole and you’ll be fine. Just don’t be distracted by the smell of Bacon and Sausages from the halfway hut.
S.I.7 / 354 Yard Par-4

Hole 10

Having relaxed at the halfway hut you’re eased by in with a Par-3, S.I. 18.
One large bunker across the front of the green means you definitely don’t want to be short. Right side if tree lined and you’ll find a ditch up next to the green. Left side and you should be safe.
We played our Nearest the Pin competition here with the help of Golf Marker Systems ‘nearest the pin’ marker.
S.I.18 / 163 Yard Par-3

Hole 11

Depending on the time of year with this hole the tee positions make the hole feel very different. Summer tees find you low down on the left playing through a narrow tree lined tee box and hitting up hill. No real trouble from your tee shot, the biggest concern here is in your ability rather than the course.
S.I.4 / 387 Yard Par-4

Hole 12

This is a stunning hole. Large trees running down both sides of the green, but with plenty of room for error. In the distance you’ll see a bunker placed around 100 yards short of the green on the right side. The green is protected to the front left and back right with bunkers and proves a tough challenge once you’re up there as a 2-tiered green.
You’re short game will be put to the test on this hole but otherwise not too much danger.
S.I.8 / 383 Yard Par-4

A picture paints a thousand words – just imagine what a Video can do!!!!

Now you have read some of the tips from part 1 have a look at the Vlog Review by The Caveman below.

Credits to Lloyd Greenaway and The Golf Volution Youtube Channel.
Social media: @LloydiGolf

Thank you to Chigwell Golf Club for their hospitality on the day! A great course and great members.

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