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Creating Golf Societies

Golf societies are the amazing unknown element of the golf industry!

As any golfer will know, we love to travel and experience new courses; whether into the next county or state, or a trip abroad – new courses provide new challenges, environments, and excitement.

But what is special is wherever two or more golfers meet, in whatever far-flung outpost, they are likely to establish a golf society.

Travel to the Tiny Ascension Island in the South Atlantic and there, on a lunar-like landscape, you will find a golf club, here members are playing “Browns” carved from the barren volcanic rock.

You could be in a distant rain forest or parched desert around the globe, but if there are golfers present, they will have formed a club. Such is the appeal of our wonderful game that it attracts likeminded souls like moths to light.

The industry can only estimate how many societies there are because the joy of golf continues to encourage its players to join.

But the task for these societies is finding a golf club, a new one that you can play and more specifically will welcome your society to enjoy its thoroughly organised day! Help is at hand, and it is to assist each and every one of you with that task. This was the driving force behind creating – the largest course directory available online to you, the golfers, the societies and the corporate groups.

Golf World Directory

Carefully researched and compiled, with a database that is still growing, you’ll be able to find and connect with a club suitable to you, whether a twenty-four handicapper or a scratch player this is your route to a warm welcome.

This directory is designed to help you find new and exciting venues for your events. Providing locations, websites and contact details we hope to make the job of planning an “awayday” or even week easier and more enjoyable.

This directory is a must for golfers everywhere covering an array of golfing pro tips and more!

Who knows, we may find ourselves visiting one of more than 26,000 golf courses on the same day!

Welcome to our golf community, enjoy searching and good luck on the course!

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