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Mark Hensby Suspended

Australian Mark Hensby has been suspended a year on the PGA Tour, due to a violation of the anti-doping-policy.

PGA Tour’s Statement

The PGA Tour’s official statement is according to The Golf Channels website: –

“The PGA Tour announced today that Mark Hensby has violated the Tour Anti-Doping Policy for failing to provide a drug testing sample after notification and has been suspended for a period of one year. He will be eligible to return on Oct. 26, 2018“.

Mark Hensby’s explanation.

Mark Hensby has explained what his take is on the situation.

He basically says, that he could not pee at the time he was asked to do so by a doping official since he had just been to the restroom. He thought then that it was OK just to leave without turning in such a sample.

He also stated that he had nothing to hide, and that he was in a really bad mood that day since he had played bad under the round and during a longer period of time – and therefore did not concentrate so much on other things.

The PGA Tour did not buy his explanation and suspended him for a year!

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