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This Monday (11 December 2017) The USGA announced that as of January 1st, 2018 viewers would no longer be accepted to call-in possible rules infractions.

They will only use video-evidence from the official broadcasting company and statements from persons onsite (players, caddies, spectators etc.). Videos taken onsite from spectators etc. will also not be used as evidence.

They will assign one or more persons to review the video footage from their official broadcasting company, and therefore it should not be necessary to have people calling, mailing or texting in with their information. Furthermore, they think that this will thereby remove the randomness in the application of the Rules of Golf.

As a result, the ongoing discussion during many years about the fairness of the sofa-referees ends. But maybe another debate will arise, then (why shouldn’t as many rules breaches as possible be found?).


This post was written by The Oswald Academy.

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