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Overcoming Fairway Bunkers

Nobody likes to be in the sand, even bunkers in the best of conditions can be a nightmare for the average golfer, a real card-wrecker.

Let’s talk about overcoming fairway bunkers and how to approach them both mentally and skilfully.

Fairway Bunkers are known to many as one of the most difficult places to find yourself on a golf course. You’ve likely to of been in one, and no doubt once upon a time it’s had an adverse effect on your score. It is important to take into account the reality of your situation and plan accordingly. A high lip will damage your club selection if trying to reach the green, and a poor lie on a downslope or upslope will limit your ability for a good strike. The key here is to be sensible and thoughtful, take your medicine if you must, but most importantly, be confident that the ball is going to travel!

Clubbing up in fairway bunkers is a good way of limiting yourself to trying to thrash the ball out, trying to compensate for the fact you’re possibly unable to reach the green. You’ll want a smooth swing to keep you stable, and smooth swings equal better strikes.

How Fairway Bunkers differ from those surrounding the Green is simple, it is all down to how much sand you should be looking to take during impact, it is important to gain a clean strike of the ball and get it in the air quickly, avoiding the lip and gaining maximum distance. Try and keep your spine angle and club shaft perpendicular with the ground, in order to get the club head moving with the ground rather than against it, this will help a cleaner strike and avoid any heavy or thin shots.

The Break Down of Overcoming Fairway Bunkers:

1. Club Up for a smoother swing – Strike is key!

Perfecting a smoother swing

2. Hit the ball, not the sand – We need distance after all!

Fairway Bunkers Tips

3. Set the spine and club perpendicular to the ground – No more fear of that high lip!

Fairway Bunkers

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