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Article 15 of 31 about the 2019-Rules of Golf draft:

“Substitute a ball”

This is part 15 (of 31) in a series of blogs about some of the proposed changes to the
Rules of Golf effective as of January 1st 2019.


Rule 15-2 in the current Rules of Golf states that the starting point is, that…:

1. … you are allowed to substitute your ball when taking relief with penalty (e.g deeming
it unplayable or taking relief from a water hazard).

2. … you are not allowed to substitute it, when taking relief without penalty (e.g. taking
relief from casual water or from an immovable obstruction).

In the 2019-Rules of Golf this will be changed. The starting point will be, that you are
always allowed to substitute the ball, no matter if you take relief with or without penalty.

That is good news, again, I think 🙂

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