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5 Golfing Tips

Golfing is a skill that takes time, patience and practice to perfect the perfect swing. In this handy little post, we’ve outlined five tips to help you score lower in your game.

1. Lessons with a Pro

On the golf course you’ll meet many golfers with varying handicaps from double digits to single digits, but for some new to the game, they may benefit from a lesson with a pro. This is especially useful as a trained PGA Pro can take a look at your swing, offer advice and teach you to improve.

They will even be able to recognise things you haven’t even considered yet. Not to mention while they’re teaching you different techniques you’ll be learning more about the golf swing and the game so that next time you go out and play you’ll have a better chance of correcting something when you make a mistake.
It might be you’ve had lessons before but fallen back into bad habits. It’s never too late to have a refresher lesson regardless of how many years experience you’ve had.

A good Pro will be able to communicate clearly with you and find a style that suits your game. As an example, I recently had a lesson with @HenoLeo.

Straight away he explained my swing had a natural fade but thought switching it up to a draw would give me a cleaner swing & strike and result in more power and accuracy. A one-hour lesson and he was right! I can be honest and say my game is far from perfect, but that change straight away helped me see improvements and score lower.

Scoring lower with these 5 golfing tips

2. Practice makes Permanent

To really improve your game there are three things you must do. . .

I like to say Practice makes Permanent rather than perfect.

Even the best like McIlroy, Spieth & DJ are always looking for ways to play better. The perfect round doesn’t exist because the joy of golf is the challenge of always wanting to play the bit better each round.

The top players, however, will dedicate hours and hours of practice at the range, on the course and in the gym to play to the standard that they do.

So whether you’ve had a lesson with a pro or not, if you’re not out practicing what you’ve learned or what you want to get better at, how can you expect to make those changes permanent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy to find the time to get the practice that we all need, but even spending the odd 30 minutes after work could do wonders for your game.

3. Mentality

You’ve heard it said before, but Golf is the closest game to the game we call Life.

The best players are those able to move on from a bad shot quickly and kick on further from a great shot.

If your head is still focusing on what has just happened, how do you expect to play the next shot to the best of your ability?

Score lower with these 5 golfing tips

Having the confidence to believe in the shot you’re about to hit can make the world of difference. We saw the impact mentality can have at the recent Open at Royal Birkdale.

Rory McIlroy had shot five bogeys in the first six holes and was staring down the barrel of humiliation and defeat. He said himself that the crowd had stopped cheering and he was losing hope.

It took some simple but powerful words from his caddie JP Fitzgerald to knock him back into gear: “You’re Rory McIlroy, What the f*** are you doing?”

His game switched back on, and he recovered the round with 4 Birdies on the Back Nine.
Mentality and Belief are Key to how you play!

4. All the Gear no Idea

Perhaps one of the most exciting and enjoyable tips we can give you is to invest in some accessories and to get the right gear for you!
While it isn’t going to make you a Tour player overnight, it will help.

Getting custom fit adds that personal touch to your clubs. It could be getting the right golf ball for your game, having the optimum setting on your driver or changing the shaft of your clubs.

These small factors could all be having a huge impact on your round.
In addition, we know players love some accessories. A golf watch isn’t only fun to have but being given the exact yardage will give you that added confidence that you’ve selected the right club and are ready for your next shot.

5. Percentage Play

We’ve all heard it before, but it is a key part of the game. Too often players focus on hitting the ball as far as possible without considering their next shot, or the risks involved with the shot.

You may be on the Tee looking down the fairway ready for a big Drive. But if you haven’t noticed the Bunker that would be in play if you use your Driver then you could be in big trouble. Taking your wood and dropping a few yards could be the best decision.

General course management is key. Knowing the chances and risk factors and playing to avoid them especially when you’re aiming to lower your score for an entire round. 18 Holes is a long way, especially if you make these simple mistakes consistently on the first few holes.

Also, don’t forget to consider outside variables. Weather conditions can have a huge impact on your performance too. It’s one of the reasons Links Golf is so difficult.

Get Involved

Five simple steps could be all it takes to set a personal best on the course. Give them a try and let us know how you get on by Tweeting us @GolfCourseList1 or sharing some pictures of your practice on Instagram @GolfWorldDirectory

Best of Luck!

Because let’s face it, we all need some of that on the course!

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