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Provisional Ball

There are many rumours these days that there will be new rules soon, making golf balls slower.

Many professional players can drive the ball 350+ yards, and they keep driving longer and longer.

According to GolfWRX, USGA Director recently said:
“You can’t say you don’t care about distance because guess what? These courses are expanding and are predicted to continue to expand… The impact it has had has been horrible… The reality is this is affecting all golfers and affecting them in a bad way. All it’s doing is increasing the cost of the game.”

If it should be realistic to get people to accept such a change, they need a change of mind, and that would be difficult. Today you want to drive the ball longer than 200 yards (as an amateur). If that number instead goes down to 120 yards, people will lose self-confidence at least for a period of time. But maybe we just need to get used to driving the ball not so far?

Probably the whole golf ball industry would also work against this change since there will be many costs in changing the production system. But it could also potentially give them a lot of sales opportunities!

Let us see what happens with slower golf balls 🙂


This post was written by The Oswald Academy.

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