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There is something magical about being able to hit the ball a lot further than anyone else, and he who does it better than anyone now is Dustin Johnson.

Statistics don’t lie, and DJ sits Number One for longest drive with a massive 439 Yards achieved on the 16th at the World Golf Championships – Bridgestone Invitational.

Firestone Country Club must have been playing nice that day because of Adam Scott & Hudson Swafford, 2nd & 3rd respectively; both recorded big drives on the 16th there too.

Most club golfers want to be able to do this too, so how much does the Golf Ball have to do with how far you hit it?

We’ve seen technology in golf improving significantly in the last 20 years. Many will remember that before the turn of the Millennium there was a big decision to make between choosing a hard ball or a soft ball.

The choice you made could determine how far the ball would go, the amount of spin, draw and fade you could place on your shots. Not to mention the different trajectories you’d need to consider when playing upwind and downwind.

A lot of different variables, a lot of different options in both hard and soft balls and more importantly, a lot of money you’re gambling with if you’re constantly buying golf balls to try them out.

Fortunately for golfers now, the difference between the two has become smaller. Manufacturers have tried to bring golf balls to the industry that can give you the benefits of the long drive, while also allowing you to get that delicate touch and spin in your short game.

How have they done it?

Hard covered balls are almost non-existent now. Rather than changing the covers, manufacturers are opting on changing the layers contained within them.

The more layers the golf ball the more varied they can be for different types of shots.

A four-layered ball for instance may feel hard off the tee and give you plenty of distance, while adapting to a softer feel when used around the green.

This is due to clubhead speed in a golfer’s swing.

Does this mean we don’t have to choose anymore?

Not at all!

This is why golf balls are still expensive. The more layers, the more materials, the more it will cost.

The best bet is to speak with your club’s PGA Pro who will be able to advise you on which ball is best suited to your style.

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