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There are a few types of Professional golfers.

There are the ones we follow and support on television, or for the dedicated fans around the world supporting their Tour efforts. These are your touring professionals. They travel and compete internationally for money at Major tournaments. The better they do, the more attractive they become to sponsors and the more money they can earn through the avenues of sponsorship and advertising.

To many from the outside, this seems a glamorous lifestyle and naturally to many fans of sports we would love to spend our lives earning money for doing something we love. These Touring Professionals, however, are incredibly dedicated and spend hours upon hours training, whether on the course, at the range or in the gym. Behind the glamour, there is always a lot of hard work.

Then we have the Club Professionals. The Men & Women we will be focusing on here, the unsung heroes of our Golf Clubs.

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20 PGA Club Professionals –

Let’s face it; there can be few greater pleasures than a good day’s golf in the company of friends, colleagues or business acquaintances. A good challenging golf course combined with friendly service and a convivial nineteenth hole can so easily make for a perfect day!

As you’re enjoying your next round of golf on one of the splendid courses that you’ll find listed on Golf World Directory we want you to take a moment to think of the many people working tirelessly in the golf industry to help ensure your satisfaction.

This may be the greenkeeping staff, clubhouse staff, administrators and the professionals.

The PGA Professional

The PGA Professional is expected to make your swing like that of a Tour Pro, to repair or adjust your clubs at a moment’s notice and no doubt supply the latest equipment for your needs at competitive prices in the club’s pro shop. But this is all just a part of their job!

The Golf Professional has trained long and hard to achieve their PGA status, passing through stringent sessions of tutoring and exams, having to cover all aspects of the game before they can call themselves a PGA Professional and it is The Professional Golfers’ Association who are responsible for this process.

The PGA has achieved a great deal over the vast number of years to protect the integrity of the sport and ensure that all Club Professionals are on hand to provide the advice and assistance to help us enjoy the game of golf to its fullest.

There are PGAs across the world, with just about every country in the world having their own dedicated Professional Golfers’ Association.

In Europe exists the Professional Golfers’ Association of Europe (PGAE) which acts as an umbrella organisation for 31 European National PGAs and 5 International PGAs, containing a membership of over 21,000 golf professionals and strives towards the advancement of Golf, Golfers and the Golf Profession.

Golf in Britain, Ireland & the United States has been well established for generations, but there are many countries where the sport has been emerging over the last few decades. Most notably the rise of the Middle East.

The Emerging Middle East

The Omega Dubai Desert Classic (DDC) and DP World Tour Championships have become mainstays on the European Tour Circuit.

DP World Tour Championship –

Omega Dubai Desert Classic –

The inaugural DDC was in 1989 held at The Emirates Golf Club and has been every year bar 1999 & 2000. Though 28 years ago, is a baby compared to the 1934 Introduction of The Masters Championship, let alone the 1895 US Open and 1860 British Open.

The growing golf industry in the Middle East has also come about in more recent times to replace the Order of Merit in 2009 with the Race to Dubai, where the Volvo Masters was replaced by The DP World Tour hosted by Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai, where the leading 60 players compete to win the Race to Dubai.

In 1998 the PGAE could boast 28-member countries and 7000 PGA Professionals. Now, as mentioned the member countries have risen by 8, and the number of professionals is three times larger. With this increase around the world the PGA and their professionals’ jobs become more important; to ensure that consistency is maintained worldwide, for the development, popularity, and growth of the game.

This is maintained through the PGA stringent training of their professionals. Because without properly educated and knowledgeable pros with the ability to successfully teach and train golfers, the future for the sport would be bleak and the popularity of our noble game would soon diminish.

The importance this to us as golfers is knowing that whether we are traveling the British Isles or anywhere around the world to play golf, we can rely on the standard of golf and the golfing experience being second to none.

So if you’re fortunate enough to play golf around the British Isles, or even the world, spare a thought for the PGA Club Professionals; the caretakers of this great and noble game for this and subsequent generations.

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