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Seven ages of a golfer

Smoking and drinking have made inroads into the time that used to be devoted exclusively to golf. Some have found that they show more finesse vaping than they ever did in their short game.

No doubt every drive still screams down the fairway, leaving competitors in awe. Less practice makes for a few errors, but they’re small margins before finishing with putting which is still a formality.

You’ve got friends who are just starting to take up the sport, realising it might be a good way to network. You’re still in it for the passion, though winning the medal at the weekend is certainly a bonus! Your friends have all made the most of the discounted membership and joining fee because they still manage to fit into the ‘young’ category. It’s great to have your friends there, but you’ve shouted ‘fore’ so much!

You’ve bought your first car by now, making sure there’s enough room to fit your clubs in the boot, though you still have to remove the driver from the back to make for a less awkward fit. One of the biggest benefits of golf by now is the social aspect; the members at the club all know you, and you’re invited to the ‘grown ups’ table now for a pint or glass of Sauvignon while members chat about other members and watch the pro tournament on Sky Sports.

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