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Seven Ages of a Golfer

At this stage, you’ve probably gone and got yourself married. Now things are going to start changing. Focus begins to shift from all the things you enjoyed to the more responsible things in life. Golf, the sports car, drinking with friends… these things are replaced with caring for a baby, a two year-old SUV, and early evenings in anticipation of wake-up calls during the night.

You play golf as often as you can, which is usually once a week if you manage to get the time. The other half plays? Well you’ve got to plan it around school hours, or get a babysitter at the weekend. Unless of course you’re a member at a fancy club which offers you all the amenities you could possibly desire. At the top of the list, the crèche.

You might be known as a bit of fairweather golfer – but you don’t mind – after all it isn’t as appealing when its pouring down with rain.

You’re still hitting the ball nicely, but the short game and putting are becoming more difficult. You notice your handicap slowly beginning to slip; it’s up from 3 to 8 now, and you only sense it is going to get worse. Especially with the chance of a second child…

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