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Seven Ages of a Golfer

The Seven Ages of a Golfer

The driver is likely your favourite club. At the lower end of the scale that’s because it’s the only club that shifts the ball far enough, while at the higher end it’s a way to display your power and release some stress from life at school, at home, or just in general. You’re likely still in the education bubble, where you haven’t quite realised that once you leave the bubble it can get a whole lot worse!

You’ll hear older members of your golf community comment on your driving distance as you hit your drive into the wild blue yonder and play 500-yard holes with a drive and pitch.

The mid-teens who haven’t yet discovered the joys and pitfalls of alcohol go to bed around 11:00pm, and wake up bright and early to hit 100 balls at the range before college.

Once you’re old enough you borrow your mum’s car, make more use of your time, and get plenty of practice on the course, whilst also going through the internal debate over where you’d rather spend your time – the course, or at parties where you can mingle with friends and of course the opposite sex.

In some special circumstances, we can boast some younger golfers – I once met a three year-old in the States who was a wonder at the game. Granted, his parents were both sports mad and he was fortunate enough to have a large garden to practice in. I remember him taking one of his personalised Callaway irons from his little golf bag and striking the ball cleanly from one side of the garden, over the swimming pool and at the target to which he was aiming. Let’s hope the alcohol and parties don’t get in his way!

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