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Seven ages of a golfer

A revival – glory be! The kids are now in their late teens/early twenties. They’ve got their own jobs, their own cars, and are considering going off to university. You’ve got your time back!

Those old clubs come down from the attic, but on dusting them you figure “I deserve a new set!”

Some call it a midlife crisis, you see it as continuing from where you left off. How will you get to the club? That sporty new BMW you had your eyes on should fit the golf bag in the back.

You go for your first round in a while and realise you’re going to need help!

A few lessons with the golf pro, who is now younger than you, and you are back in the swing of things – literally.

Your first handicap is 14 (those that knew you from before calling you a bandit). The drive isn’t quite so far, but the irons are still crisp. Putting is shaky, but you’ve learnt more patience; you take your time, and you can still hole out reasonably well.

Things begin improving consistently, and it’s not long before you’re entering all the competitions and aiming to get your name back in the spotlight on the clubhouse walls.

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