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Seven ages of a golfer - handicap

Your golf isn’t too good now. The large gin and mixers are beginning to take their toll. Drives over 175 yards are considered gems. Par 4s reached in 2 bring tears of joy. Par 3s are your specialty, while Par 5s are a dread.

Your clubs need re-gripping, but it’d be easier to just get a new set. You’re starting to notice the impact of inflation on things. You know the pro well though, so you’re confident you’ll be able to squeeze a good deal out of them in the shop. After all, you should have a loyalty card for all the business you’ve given them in the last decade alone!

How is that handicap treating you? Best we don’t speak about it?

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  1. Tim Cooke

    November 23, 2017

    This Age is a duff because the 50s is when you finally appreciate the short game and, that keeping on the fairway is better then those extra 10 yards. You may have even finally settled on a putter and putting stroke. It’s when you value the comradeship and not just the competition. You’ve reach an age when you realise what etiquette isn’t just about repairing pitch-marks but trying to improve the game for yourself and your mates. And actually you can still keep up with most of the kids and you still want to play the back tees. And best of all, those duff shots you can learn to forget and remember that this game can still be conquered. Just not every shot.

    • Robert Green

      November 25, 2017

      Tim thanks for your views, it is always good to hear different experiences! The one you see in our article is simply an account from one golfer’s experiences. That is part of the joy of golf that all golfers or all ages can have different views on the game! Hopefully your short game continues to get better and better!

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