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The aged golfer Over 65

Hair is nearly gone. Drives are losing distance, and you’re starting to use the driver on shorter holes now too. As you begin to pass through your seventies, your aim becomes trying to play in less shots than the number of years you have.

Huge credit all the same that you are playing! The young guns are stomping around carrying their clubs or pushing trolleys – they’ll soon learn! Technology these days means you don’t have to put your back out walking around the course – rather that less than perfect swing might do it for you anyway.

Electric trolleys! Amazing things, though you’re seeing some crazy inventions now. Golf skateboards? Hover machines? Where has the tradition gone?

Nobody is rushing to play with you anymore, though 6 holes is usually enough before retiring for a half pint in the clubhouse.

Still driving that sporty BMW. You chose it for the sound it made, but sadly the sounds aren’t quite in the right place anymore.

Refurbs have come and gone at the club, bar staff have changed over the years, captains, pros, and first teams continue to shift, but you’ve remained a constant. Your name is etched into the boards on the walls, and your friends are still playing as badly as when they joined in their 20s.

You wouldn’t change it for the world! Cheers to golf!

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