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Trueshot Golf – Swing Tempo

Detects all swings

TrueShot Golf – Swing Tempo is an Android mobile application for the driving range that recognizes and extracts swing metrics using an Android Smartwatch or Trueshot Wristband. The application, available on Google Play, has been continuously improved during the last two years reaching now a mature stage with version 2.0.

The application provides the logic to detect all golf swings, namely full swing, pitching and putting. After detection, it extracts metrics in real time including timings, acceleration, rotational speed and smoothness. It also estimates the club face speed of full-swings and ball distance of putting. If your swing is not recognised it means you are probably doing an incorrect swing or unexpected movement.

TrueShot Golf 1

The major metrics obtained by TrueShot Golf Swing Tempo are the timings of downswing, backswing and follow-through, including the swing tempo calculation (for instance, if your swing tempo is lower than 3 this indicates that your backswing is too fast and you should slow it down). The speed of the wrist is also a relevant metric that should be preferably used by comparing results with other players. One of the newest features is the swing smoothness. A downswing smoothness index lower than 95% suggests you are doing an unexpected deceleration during your swing. Although, some of the metrics may be of complex interpretation (ideal for bio-mechanics professionals), the application comes now with a comparison feature (suitable for average to good golfers) that allows you to evaluate your results with the metrics acquired from scratch players.

TrueShot Golf 2

The swing metrics stored in Swing Tempo can be used to keep track of your evolution over the year and keep you motivated in improving your game by seeing how you stack up with your friends.

The detection of golf swings is a smart feature that uses an automatic learning process based on recordings taken from golfers of different handicaps, genders and ages. The detection mechanism supports both professionals and beginners and it is now also available to support left-handed golfers.

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The Swing Tempo application works with Android Smartwatches, both Wear 1.0 and Wear 2.0. However, it does not support Samsung Watches. But Swing Tempo was specially designed for Trueshot Wristband since it was optimised with sensors adequate for golfing. This wristband is currently available for pre-ordering, being able to record swings at very high sampling frequencies (up to 125 frames/second), with autonomy for a week and using Bluetooth Smart connections.

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Once released the Trueshot Wristband will be the best form of measurement for the Trueshot Application.

Swing Tempo is distributed worldwide on Google Play and is being continuously updated to support new metrics.

Trueshot wristband can be pre-ordered from 25 countries at our store.



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