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TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course 17th Hole

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TPC Sawgrass – Florida

TPC Sawgrass not only ticks boxes on location, based in Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida, but is also the world headquarters to professional golf, offering a fantastic golfing experience in their two immaculately kept courses. With boxes ticked for Location, Golf, Prestige and accommodation with their base on the Marriott Resort, TPC Sawgrass is an excellent addition to our Winter Warmer Collection.

TPC Sawgrass has 2 golf courses at the resort

  1. THE PLAYERS Stadium Course
  2. Dye’s Valley Course

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course

As the name of the second course may suggest, we have the legendary Pete Dye to thank for the design of both of these spectacular courses! With course design running in his family you would expect a quality design, but Pete Dye goes beyond quality. A well respected designer who’s name has a presence on the Pro tour that has been earned from providing quality courses that are featured across many televised events.

Winter Warmer Collection TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course 17th Hole

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course is of course one of these very special courses. The course is renowned for it’s 17th hole with the island Par-3 (Pictured Left) where many professional golfers have their nerves tested. A much loved course which has been named as the location for THE PLAYERS Championship since its design in 1982. The Players is of course known as the unofficial major and often gathers the top 50 players at the time who compete for the largest purse available at any pro event.

However, this course is so much more than one special Par-3 and a televised event. When designed the aim was to have a course so well balanced that no particular playing style would dominate. In that the stadium course offers a challenge to any golfer; consisting of par-3’s, 4’s & 5’s, doglegs left and right and a layout ensuring no two holes play in the same direction. Some may say it is designed to catch golfer’s out, though as any lover of the sport will understand, it is the challenge and desire to overcome these feats that continues to drive golfers to the tee.


Dye’s Valley Course

Winter Warmer Collection TPC Sawgrass Dyes Valley Course

Dye’s Valley Course, as the name suggests is also designed by Pete Dye. Designed not long after the success of the Stadium Course in 1987. The Valley Course is, by many, considered a welcomed respite from the challenge of the Stadium Course. Underestimate it at your own peril though! This course brings water into play on all 18 holes, with many of the fairways lined by bunkers. There are opportunities for the big hitters to reach the greens in 2 on a couple of the Par-5’s, though these will be the risk takers of your group.

This is a fantastic golf course at a perfect location. The perfect option if you fancy a quieter and likely a quicker round than the slightly more crowded and popular Stadium Course. It will also provide a cheaper option if Golf isn’t your main priority for this Winter Warmer break.


Why Florida?

How could we not include the ‘Sunshine State’ in our Winter Warmer Collection?

A destination where you can sit back and relax, enjoy some fantastic golf and embrace the sunshine while you scroll through social media feeds of your friends and appreciate how great you have it while their at work surrounded by the cold & wet weather.

If that isn’t enough then don’t fear! If you’re away with the family then you’ll want to take the children to Walt Disney World! Florida is full of options, they are home to lots of attractions, from the Kennedy Space Center to a Safari Park. If you want a more relaxing option you can visit a national park or head to Miami beach. Bit of thrill seeker? Go and explore the world of Nascar. The list is endless and you truly need to visit to understand the enormity of things to do . . . that is if you can steal yourself away from the golf courses?

Why Sawgrass Marriott Resort?

Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Florida is the ideal place to escape reality. With a perfect location at Ponte Vedra Beach you can unwind and enjoy the Resorts facilities with great rooms, dining, spa, fitness and as we know . . . golf! You could quite easily spend your entire time within this resort!
Winter Warmer Collection Sawgrass Marriott Resort







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